Betway Login

Betway is a giant in the online sports betting industry. With operations in several countries across the globe, the brand Betway is easily recognizable by many punters. Every single day, thousands of punters login to their accounts at Betway with the sole intention of placing their bets. The highly competitive odds offered at Betway make it appealing to most punters. Well, the highly competitive odds offered do not just help in retaining players but also in attracting new players. Players with intentions to join Betway for the very first time will find this article to be informative as it relays all steps required to opening a new account. See our Betway Codes for today or Betway Jackpot Predictions.

How to Register With Betway

  1. To become a new punter at Betway, the first step required is to load the site’s landing page. The link to the site’s landing page is
  2. Once players find themselves on the landing page, they need to navigate to the upper part of the screen and click on the SIGN UP button
  3. Clicking the SIGN UP button redirects players to the site’s registration page. On the registration page, players need to input all the info requested from them. This includes the mobile phone number (Ghana mobile phone number required), first name and surname as it appears on the ID, email address, date of birth, and preferred password. It’s also on this page that players need to input any Sign Up code if they have one
  4. The next step is to confirm if one is above the required age to open an account and accept Betway’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  5. The last step is to click on the REGISTER button. Once done, the punter will become the newest player at Betway.

Betway Login                                                   

Sports betting to many punters is a daily and weekly activity. This therefore means that punters at Betway will access their accounts frequently looking to place their bets. To access one’s account, players will need to follow the following login steps:

  1. Load the Betway homepage
  2. Once on the homepage, navigate to the top part of the screen and click on the LOGIN button  
  3. Clicking on the LOGIN button redirects players to the login page. On the login page, players need to input their mobile phone number and password in order to access their accounts  
  4. Once players input the requested info, they can complete the login process by clicking on the LOGIN page.

Betway password reset

Living in a world where one has to memorize all sorts of stuff from pin codes to passwords, it’s very much possible that one can mix up the numbers or completely forget the numbers. When this happens for players looking to access their Betway accounts, they can easily reset their password by heading over to the login page, clicking on the FORGOT PASSWORD button and following all the instructions provided on how to reset the password.