Colossus Bets Pick 15 Predictions

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What is Colossus Bets?
Colossus Bets is an established company which offers pool betting games on a couple of sporting events where you will bet on the results of the pre-selected matches. What is good about Colossus Bets is that it offers guaranteed prizes on selected pools and this ensures that winners will get a significant payout whatever the total amounts staked.When betting on Colossus Bets platform, you will be required to predict the outcomes of the provided matches using the betting markets 1X2 where 1 represents Home Win, X represents Draw and 2 represents Away Win. 
A single Colossus game has a total of 15 fixtures and the matches which form a collosus are selected from a number of leagues both locally and internationally. The amounts which are staked will be placed into the Colossus Bets pools and winning players will share the relevant pool and if there is no winner, the prize will be rolled over to the next colossus and the prize will even be bigger. You can also win consolation prizes for getting 11 to 14 predictions correctly and below is the information showing the consolation prizes;
Consolation prizes
Any 14 of 15 £20,000
Any 13 of 15 £4,000
Any 12 of 15 £6,000
Any 11 of 15 £8,000
When betting on colossus, you need to choose your stake per line and the prize denominations are £0.20, £0.50, £1.00 and £2.00. 
Colossusbets has a unique cashout feature where they may offer you the chance to ‘Cash-Out’ any ‘live’ tickets (in full or in part) and you can do this by selling them back to Colossus Bets through the Cash-Out process. Please note that if you proceed with the Cash-Out option, you will get the agreed fee and you are not affected either negatively or positively by what happens in the remaining fixtures. 
When you are making predictions for the colossus, you can either do it manually by selecting yourself or you can make use of the ‘smartpick’ option where a computer can decide the outcome on your behalf, it is very important for us to point out that none of these methods is more advantageous than the other.