Football Pools Premier 10 Predictions

Premier 10 is a very popular pool by Football Pools which is fun to play and punters can win a decent amount of money. As the name suggests, the Premier 10 is a 10 fixture game where you simply have to pick your predictions on a total of 10 matches. 
According to the information provided on their website, Football Pools have paid out an average amount of £18,000 for 10 correct results since 2017, which makes it quite a lucrative pool game. The Premier 10 uses three betting markets namely Home, Draw and Away so you just have to make a prediction of 10 matches using these three popular markets.
The Premier 10 matches are pre-selected for you by Football Pools and they are taken from some of the popular European leagues like the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and many other popular leagues so you will be betting on the teams you are familiar with, the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool among many other teams. 
When making your selections, you can choose to play just a single line for just £ 1.00 but if you want to enhance your chances of winning, you can select more than one outcome in each match, and this will obviously cost you more.
After all the matches in a pool have been played, whoever gets all 10 results correctly will win the pool, if there is more than 1 winner, then the pool will have to be shared equally among the winners. 
If you fail to get all 10 correct but get 9 correct, you will also win and the average won for 9 correct results since 2017 is £400. Please note that 80% of the Pool shall be allocated for 10 correctly predicted Results and the other 20% of the Pool for entries with 9 correctly predicted Results and If there is no winner in a pool, the net Pool shall be carried forward and added to another net Game Pool.